Director of Public Prosecutions testifies in Chisale's intimidation case

The Director of Public Prosecutuons (DPP) took to the witness box today at Lilongwe Magistrate's Court where he testified against Norman Chisale, accused of intimidating senior government officials and investigators on his other case.

The DPP, Masauko Chamkakala, told the principal resident magistrate Roderick Michongwe that Chisale, a former personal bodyguard to former president of the Republic of Malawi Peter Mutharika, threatened him through a letter he delivered at his office on October 26, 2023.

In the letter, the court learnt, Chisale told the DPP that angry people can be dangerous and difficult to handle.

The DPP told the magistrate Chisale actually wrote in his letter that he was frustrated and angry, and this connected to what he wrote that angry people can be dangerous and looking at his vast military experience and political connectedness, it threatened him, members of his family and his officers.

Chief investigations officer at the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Vilera Liwonde, was next to testify against Chisale.

Minister of Justice Hon. Titus Mvalo and former DPP Steven Kayuni, some of the senior officers Chisale also allegedly threatened, are also expected to testify.

Chisale has been complaining he was failing to meet some obligations such as paying school fees for his children after his bank accounts were frozen due to both criminal and civil cases in court. He accused authorities of delaying his criminal case.

He was arrested after he granted Zodiak Broadcasting Station an interview in which he also allegedly used insulting language.


Other charges he is facing include use of insulting language and obstructing justice.

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