Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Malawi

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Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs exists to provide legal services   to the Government and its citizens [.....]


Transparency and Accountability:
To discharge our mandates with openness
and to be answerable for our collective

Impartial, fair and just: 
To discharge our mandate without fear or
favour and in a politically impartial manner

To discharge our duties competently,
diligently, economically, efficiently and


To discharge our mandates with utmost
trust and integrity 

Adaptation and Dynamism: 
To adapt and be responsive to changing
needs and circumstances 

To avoid divulging information that is
prejudicial to the interest of the nation
and individual clients


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Democratic Governance Sector Wide Approach
The project is designed to support the Government of
Malawi to implement the Democratic Governance (DG)
Sector Strategy 2013-2017....

Human Rights Support Program
The project is set in the context of institutionalizing a
Sector working Group (SWG) for Democratic Governance
in Malawi....

Justice for Vunerable Groups
The goal of the JVG project is to promote, protect, and
fulfil the enjoyment of human rights and enhance
access to basic justice services to the vulnerable
groups in Malawi, especially the poor, women
and children ...

Democratic Governance Program
The purpose of the Democratic Governance Programme
is to Contribute to improved Democratic Governance by
ensuring access to quality justice for all in Malawi
through a more effective and responsive Judiciary....












Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
Private Bag 333, Capital Hill
Lilongwe 3, Malawi